Oh how things change

I find it very ironic how just about 4 years ago, the republicans in this country, yes even good ol' FoxNews, was against the bombing in Iraq back in December 1998. It's quite funny, really. Could it have had something to do with Clinton? Maybe, possibly? I mean, if Clinton were still president, these people (Foxnews included) would be all but calling for his head on a platter. These people would be bantering on and on how the pre-emptive strike has destroyed America...but that's not what happened, it's Bush that's in the White House. So, it's actually the repubs taking shots at the pro-peace crowd, which is ironic, as most of society is just hitching along the bash-wagon.
"Something tells me that if president Al Gore were in the same situation, many of the people at these "peace" rallies would be throwing war parties."

Not true. I don't know how that would even be remotely fact. What, is Al Bore some magical mystic that can even make pro-peace people turn to murder and hate? I highly doubt it, and that article is one of the worst examples of journalism ever in the history of it. This article basically says how it's okay to hate people that disagree with you. Some moral fiber for the children of America that is! Thanks, FOX!

Then they go take shots at the French, who've been and are one of our longest friends, "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." It is this type of hate and racism that makes the pro-war crowd the laughing stock of this country planet.

The pro-peace crowd protested the war in '91 and we're back again now, the repubs were only against the war in 1998, I believe they called it "the free willy war", go ahead and laugh at the fools who would rather kill people than have sex.

Oh but Bozzy, the democrats supported Clinton then, you dope! Yeah, they did, and you know why? Because to do otherwise would mean political career suicide, again, it all comes down to our public officials not having the balls. One could say that is the only reason people are supporting Bush. In fact, I will say that.

Do you think I am just making this republican hypocrisy up? Get a load of this:

"I cannot support this military action in the Persian Gulf at this time. Both the timing and the policy are subject to question."
--Senator Trent Lott, December, 1998, criticizing President Clinton during Operation Desert Fox, while troops were in the field.

"How dare Senator Daschle criticize President Bush while we are fighting our war on terrorism, especially when we have troops in the field?"
--Senator Trent Lott, February 28, 2002.

Kinda hard to swallow that doublespeak, eh? Course, you really should take Trent Lott's words with a grain of salt. He's about as insignificant as... oh let's say... a certain select president...or Foxnews. You decide.

Look, I was against Clinton's "Operation Desert Fox" in 1998, and I am against "Operation Iraqi Freedom" today, for the exact same reasons.


  1. Bozzy, I'll have to get you the quote from Hermann Goerring (sp) that Koster showed us today. It soooooo applies to this whole mess right now.

  2. could you please point out to me where fox news stated in that article that it's okay to hate people that disagree with you?

  3. What I was talking about was that they are practically persecuting the Columbia U professor what he said about "million mogadishus". They made him out to be some criminal...just like they made Janaene Garafolo, Michael Moore, and also Harry Belafonte. I don't think calling Powell a "plantation slave" is racist. It's clearly being used as a metaphore...does Bill O'reilly even know what a metaphore is? Besides Belafonte is black, black people can't be racist towards other blacks! That's ludacrous!

    Jazy-- i want that quote. Don't tease me.

  4. i'm having some problems with moveable type. i've been spending the last hour or so trying to post an entry... grrr!

    thanks for clarifying that for me. i don't see how you arrived at your conclusion that they are advocating hate, however. in that particular article you cited they are merely reporting the facts. there is no editorial aspect involved. i'll assume you are speaking in more general terms. i kinda find it rather odd that you spent so much effort hunting down articles from a news network that you deem "insignificant", though. i've got a few other things to say but i've got company right now and they are gettin' kinda pissed. i'll be back later.

  5. MT problems...I will get on that stat!

    the articles...they make me mad, so I need to blog about it to vent. Simple.

  6. ty =)

    ok, so anyway... i like fox news because of their straight forward, street wise approach. the left is supposed to be the champion of the "common man" yet they constantly belittle them and insult their intelligence. if you don't agree with them than you are a small-minded simpleton. (as if that were a crime)

  7. Altho Both CNN and MSNBC get on my nerves occasionally, so don't think it's all of nothing...lol

  8. I mostly watch CNN and MSNBC. Can't stand any of the network news.

  9. yes, network news really sucks. i've given up on it... i was gonna write more but i'm getting so sleepy. i'm gonna be getting internet access at work pretty soon so hopefully, i'll be able to post more! nite ;)

  10. "so don't think it's all of nothing...lol"

    I mean ALL OR NOTHING. geez, this is a sign, I'm going to sleep too.

  11. Look, I was against Clinton's "Operation Desert Fox" in 1998, and I am against "Operation Iraqi Freedom" today, for the exact same reasons.


    Exactly what are those reasons. Please sum it up in 4 sentances too.

  12. Ahem, I think I already have. :roll:

  13. Convent way to avoid the question. :roll:

  14. Nah, I just don't feel like repeating myself anymore.

  15. I asked you because while I have seen your diatribes on how you feel about the issue. I have yet to see something that was based on fact and not feeling.

    I also asked you to do it in 4 sentances too because of that same reason.

    I guess bozzy is too tired of defending his stance on Operation Iraqi Freedom. Looks like he gives up. We win!!!

  16. Haha, you win? Whatever. I didn't want to make another entry about the war, as I have pretty much said my 2 cents, but fine, my next entry will answer that queston.

  17. btw, that link was in the entry. It was kinda hidden in the trent lott quotes, so I apologize for not reminding people that it was there.

  18. I see my boy Scott has no response. I guess I win!


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