Top Movies of 2002 - Re-Visited

Well, I'm pretty much done with this's been on my site for awhile now, and that list is pretty official itself, but I am such a perfectionist I had to keep thinking about hasn't changed in a week or so, and probably will not anymore, as we are pretty far along into 2003, so here it is:

Road to Perdition
(Best oscar for Photography)
Catch Me If You Can
(Best Oscar for Walken...err something like that)
The Rules of Attraction
(Not even nominated....errggh)
Bowling For Columbine
(I think we ALL remember this winning, hehe)
Igby Goes Down
(Not even nominated...ugggh)
(Was this nominated or not? I don't remember it winning, prolly didn't, shucks)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
(Won something, but about to be destroyed as a sitcom)
We Were Soldiers
(Released too early for the ADD Academy voters
Gangs Of New York
(Nominated for: 11; Won: 0; WTF!!!)
The Ring

(Whether or not this won, it should have.)

I had to move Igby Goes Down into the big ten, HAD TO. That movie is fucking awesome. It get's better every time I watch it! Also, I moved We Were Soldiers down because it couldn't be ahead of Greek Wedding, no way.

Honorable Mention:

Resident Evil

The Bourne Identity

LOTR: The Two Towers

Minority Report

8 Mile


Brotherhood of the Wolf

Panic Room

Blood Work

Blue Crush


Queen of the Damned

Not much changed, but I thought it warrated a new entry, I want to keep the old entry intact so I can see how stupid I was for leaving Igby Goes Down off! haha


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