another weird dream: frozen zooky

I had a dream about no, nothing like that...but I don't remember much...or maybe I'm only remembering what I am supposed to remember...lmao...anyhoo, zooky was over at my house....he kept gettin in political arguements with my mother and pissing her off because of it...which is very funny, since in real life, they're both liberals, but in the dream, my mother wasn't.

Also in the dream I remember getting up to go school, then I'm in the car driving to school, when I realize it's only 4am! So I go home and chill, but then somehow forget to go to school...then zooky get's in another fight with my mom and just disappears...i mean, capooof, gone. Then I was like "omg what happened to him!" Then I was driving again...I think I was going to school...I don't remember much else, except later I found zooky, frozen in a freezer in halle berry's garage, hans solo style. When I opened the freezer thing, Halle Berry came running out screaming something at me like an old cat lady...I don't know what that was about.

That's all I remember...hope you got more out of it then I did. haha


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