Inbox of Love

I am sitting here, bored, so I think I will blog...but what shall I blog? I have had such a blogger's block lately...hmm let's open the ol' inbox and check for mail...

Some great guy named Ott send me a notice that interest rates are climbing, but Ornetta was kind enough to send me pics of her pubic region, I think she wants to go further, I will keep you in the know!!!

In between coffee trips and bathroom bathroom breaks I got another email from Droavia, I had no idea of the magnitude of email addresses on the internet! 15.6 million to be exact! Opt-in too! Plus 2 grand worth of FREE EMAIL MARKETING SOFTWARE! YES!!

No more new messages in the inbox of love.


  1. dude! are you crazy? opening spam messeges will just get you more spam, they can tell when you open their e-mails. I wouldn't have done that if I were you.

  2. Yeah I know...but I was bored...

  3. how can someone tell I opened up spam email? i mean if I click on a link from that page or perhaps responde to their email, then I can see how someone can know I opened it. i don't see how opening up spam message can be harmful at all???????

  4. They can tell because most spam is embedded with a hidden image that sends data back to the spammer telling them what email address has viewed the email.

  5. Oh wow. I had no idea. Thanks.


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