I wish they made those flintstones multivitamins chewables for adults. I loved those. They were my crack. That is all.


  1. yuK! i think they are kinda gross.

    what i really wanted to inform you of is the fact that quenton taratino was in the american idol audience last night. he lika the fluff, too!!

  2. I can't stand to listen to quentin talk...he always brags and gloats about his movies...I can't learn anything from him...I was listening to the commentary on From Dusk Til Dawn and every time Robert Rodridguez was explaining something good, Quentin had a case of ADHD, lol.

    I can't wait to see Kill Bill tho. It better be good.

  3. I used to looove those vitamens and now my kids take them. One day I thought I'd take one since they used to be sooo good, but it tasted like crap. Definitely not the same now like it was before!!


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