Dumb & Dumberer

I'll save you the trip to the bathroom by not using the phrase that every other reviewer used about this movie. You know the one. Yes, this movie is bad, but it's not as bad as the original. Yes folks, the sequel (well prequel...) is actually better this time.

Eric Christian Olsen plays Lloyd aka young Jim Carrey and some new guy named Derek Richardson plays the young Harry. It is obvious they were made to look like the younger brothers of the actors who played their characters in the original, but both manage to actually bring something new to them.

Also, the original was just a two man show of Carrey and Daniels, while this on has a great ensemble cast, including small bits by Eugene Levy, Bob Saget (yes, I forgot he existed too!), and Luis Guzman.

But do not get me wrong. This movie is terrible. The plot is so simple, yet they can't even stick to it. By the time it's over you're thinking, "All this, for that??! Shoot me now." There's a few (JUST THREE!!!) laugh out loud or heehaw funny scenes, but overall I will say I did enjoy it. Everybody looked like they were having a blast making this film and the cast did an excellent job with this POS script.



  1. You should've gone to see The Italian Job..it KICKED ASS.


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