The Hulk

Okay first off, I don't like comic books. Never have. I have a few, got them as gifts (well more like here james, take this magazine-esque book), but never read them. I liked Tim Burton's Batman, and the superman movies were okay. I could not care less about Spider Man, X-men, or even Spawn. But there was something I always liked about the Hulk...and again, I never read the comic book, I just like how it's like a modern King Kong story.

So enough of that, what did I think of the movie, you ask? I want to give the producer who chose Ang Lee to direct this a whole box of kudos. I was worried that this was just a bunch of computer animated action shots stringed together to vaguely resemble a plot, but to my pleasant surprise, I was so wrong. The movie is very artsy fartsy. Ang Lee doesn't have a bad shot, and what's really impressive is that the computer animation is so good it actually looks real! Unlike The Matrix, which was so totally obvious that it was computer generated.

NICK NOLTE FUCKING RULES!!!! He's a fucking madman in this! Without being overthetop, but then again, by regular plot standards (non-gamma ray intensive) he would be considered over the top, but I thought he portrayed Bruce's father very well. He deserves a best supporting actor nom but who am I kidding, it's way to early and they don't give those awards to summer fluff. Which is a shame, considering that this movie is not FLUFF! The photography and shot selection is superb, and the use of split screens and freeze frames make the movie feel like you are watching an actual comic book.

Spider man, Spawn, et al, were just a bunch of lame action movies that seemed like were trying to play down the comic book aspect, and that's why they sucked and the hulk rocked.


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