No Crybaby Zone

Bill O'reilly: The internet is stupid because people say bad things about me, therefore the first amendment is stupid.

So all over the country, we have people posting the most vile stuff imaginable, hiding behind high tech capabilities.† Sometimes the violators are punished, but most are not.† We have now have teenagers ruining the reputations of their peers in schools on the Internet.† Ideologues accusing public officials of the worst things imaginable.† And creeps gossiping about celebrities in the crudest of ways.

Being an American, I have no clue what the hell is wrong with that.

Hey bill, grow the fuck up. People don't have to like you. And they can even voice their opinion about you in public.


  1. i thought that was idiotic, too. i might agree with him on some things but more often than not i find myself wishing he would loosen up a little...

  2. What more could you expect from the morons at Fox, and especially O'reilly. Apparently he spends a lot of his time looking up what's written about him on the net. Talk about an ego.

    I guess we have to keep writing as much bad stuff about him as we can just to piss him off ;-)

  3. Ha! True, it happens all the time in public, what makes that different from it happening online?


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