top 10 phrases women don't say

10. My name's forrest, forrest gu-mp.
9. Hey, I thought I ordered sex with my fruit loops...
8. How much wood could a woodchuck smack if a woodchuck could masturbate?
7. Hoo-hah!
6. Does my beer gut show thru my shirt?
5. Honey, do you notice a bulge in my pants?
4. My pussy talks to me.
3. I could go for a big ol' circle jerk right now...
2. Pass me another 16 shots of tequilla, honey. I'm drinkin' for two here.
1. I love men.

*These may suck, because I wrote them. Feel free to post them on your own blogs but please give me credit with a link back.


  1. I love Men ...even if they can annoy me by saying I never comment at their site and I still need to "do" something for them..hun..dear..Bozzmeister, please give me a break..I am SO busy it isn't funny. I will be better in a few weeks ok? *hugs*


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