Internet Explorer should be raped by a monkey's still-born son.

cowgirlrez wrote:
honestly you should design your site not for the newest browsers, or the widest displays but for 800 x 600 and people who are running atleast one browser behind the newest. hopefully, if you are in school for web design, they will teach you this! i am running 1024x768 with IE 6 and your shit is cut off. you can't expect people to run more than that. i applaud your efforts in using layers and CSS, though.

Internet Explorer does not follow web standards, why should I conform to it simply because stupid people refuse to use a better browser? Because my website looks bad in a non-compliant browser? Hahahahaha.

Non-compliance is futile.


  1. WTF, the site looks perfect to me, I'm running 1152x864. Why would Boz go below his standards to please a few readers, I'm sure he's perfectly happy with the way the site is desinged.

  2. Your site is lookin' fine on an OS X 12" TiBook :-) IE can kiss my ass.

  3. i guess thats why i get paid to design websites for a living and you don't =)

  4. I guess that's why you're a fag.

  5. seriously fag, what gave you the impression that I wanted to design websites for a living? Or are you just bragging about your mad h4x0r sk1llz?


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