Pirates of the Caribbean

What was this movie rated? Arrrr! Actually no, it's PG-13, but I couldn't resist.

Another question: what do you get when you take the director of "The Ring", Gore Verbinski and a movie about pirates staring Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp? A unpredictable, well directed, and acted film. Then add "newcomer" Orlando Bloom ("Lord of the Rings"), and you've got excitement. Kiera Knightley ("Bend it like Beckham") does a good job too. Nobody is over the top, but the movie isn't the horror film like "The Ring" was, instead it's an adventure/comedy.

I did have some problems with it tho. First, nobody really seems like walking, talking skeletons are abnormal. Yeah, just go ahead and fight them, like they're real. Oh well, that's not a biggie. The next qualm is. The last 15-20 minutes is totally unnecessary. Killing the main bad guy is when the plot is supposed to end. C'mon, I had to pee very badly. There's no need to for the last 15 minutes.

In other words, I liked it. The dialogue has a nice tangy wit to it and the special effects (the skeletons, etc) are totally seamless, and very cool. See this on the big screen.


  1. this is the next movie i'll probably see when i get the chance. i'm in the mood for some pirate lingo.


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