I was weary of seeing this, it just had this "old and busted" kinda look to it, and it looked boring. That is, luckily, not the scenario. I was very impressed with Tobey Maguire and I'm glad he didn't decide to make spider-man 2 instead of this, hehe. Jeff Bridges has further proved that he is the man and Chris Cooper was awesome. They are so natural in this kind of role. But most importantly, this movie is one helluva motivational speaker, it's all about second chances and giving your all. The photography was killer. The beautiful horses and mountaineous landscapes are just stunning. The odds of you going to see 'Seabiscuit' are 2:1, so get your asses to the theater. And take the kids.


  1. Thanks for the review. I was weary too, now maybe I will go out and see it.


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