Terminator 3

Boy, I was so prepared to give this the goose egg, but it's actually a great installment to the series. It's not boring and the same-old/same-old as most sequels are, and is not predictable. Without giving away the plot (which was better than "28 Days Later"), I will say that Judgment Day is not as improbable/impossible as the first two movies made it seem. Very scary. The effects are great, and there's some original action sequences. T2 advanced the plot of the original, and T3 advances it yet again, without repeating itself in the process. I cannot wait for the fourth installment, man, I'd never think of Claire Danes as an action star. Whoa.


  1. No joke. Claire Danes rocked, especially that bit at the end. I can't wait for more of these movies. I hope they're as good as this one--my favorite so far...

  2. I agree, it was a great movie. I think the best of the series. I might even have to go see it again this week. Hehe.


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