What's a Mac?

PC is an abbreviation of personal computer (or politically correct, smartass), but what (besides Macintosh) does Mac mean? Well it doesn't have any meaning besides Macintosh, but I say it's time to give it one! Maybe this is the boredom talking, but let's brainstorm...

Major Asskicking Contest?
Majority Ass Clown?
Maryland's AA Center?
My Asskicking Computer--

Say no more, I think we have ourselves a winner. What, you didn't get to vote? Like I give a damn. Mac is now short for My Asskicking Computer. Bring on the lawsuits!

In a related story, I had to get a new router today, old one crapped out on me. Fucking linksys.


  1. what does Mac mean? well by your statment that the term was only invented as an abbreviation for Macintosh computers shows that you need a little world culture. Mac has been around for centuries its a gaelic word attached to surnames of celtic origin that means son of, so perhaps you should stop being quite so stupid and realize that Macintosh is indeed a surname. other examples would be MacDonald, MacGregor, and MacPherson.

  2. You are lame. This was a PC-to-Mac comparison, not a history of the fucking word. Grow a brain. You'll probably lose some of your love handles with your newfound extra weight you'll have to lug around.


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