Tuesday, August 26, 2003

How old is the lawmaker's daughter?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A downtown bar featuring nude dancing has challenged a Missouri law that raises the minimum age for dancers from 18 to 19 years old.

Excuse me, but if Missouri law says that persons under age 18 are minors, than that makes those 18 and older not minors and therfore, how can there be another law that regulates non-minors from stripping? Let me guess, next year it'll be amended from 19 to 20 to coincide with the lawmaker's daughter.

This is just silly. Just plain ol' nutty man. Yup.


  1. It's just saying no minors can dance nude, cause of the hole kiddie-porn thing. Anyone over 18 can do it, not just 18 and 19 year-olds. Key words: "minimum age." Sounds reasonable to me.

  2. Re-read the article, it's about raising the minimum age to be a stripper from 18 to 19. 18 is the age of consent of Missouri so there's some contradiction going on, lol.

  3. Oh haha, for some reason I thought "18 to 19" meant "18-19." Damnit, I'm a dumbass.

  4. But wouldn't you be jazzed if it kept YOUR 18 year old from stripping?

    But you are right... it sucks.

  5. A kid is a legal age at 17 in Missouri. I know this because whenever I tryed to chase her down the cops told me she was an ADULT in the state of Missouri. So, yes many contradictions. There was supposed to be a law of curfew of age 18 printed inside the cops headquarters saying they had to be off the streets. NEVER, do the cops help parents get their kids home at 17! My daughter is stripping now at 18 and THE AGE OF CONSENT IS 17 in the state of Missouri, you can emancipate yourself at this age I have been told many times. So none of this makes sense to me. They can send your ass to Iraq to get killed at 18 so I would think you could strip and drink in AMERICA! I CAN'T STAND BLUNT SO PLEASE WRITE KC STAR TO GET CHANGES IN EFFECT!! iT DOES WORK, I'VE DONE IT, WROTE ONE YESTERDAY, MAYBE IT WILL GET PUBLISHED!!