Issues with an iPod

ISSUE: Transfering music from one iTunes to another iTunes.
PROBLEM: Two macs aka two iTunes music libraries cannot share music via the iPod.

Yes, when I plug my iPod to my other mac to get songs off that, the only option I have is to erase all the songs on the iPod to put the other mac's library on it. I do that, then go to export those few songs to my mac, and I get the same message about replacing the music library on my iPod.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! I just want to export a few songs from one of my macs to my main mac!!! There has to be a way!!!

This is pissing me off, if you know what to do, please contact me.


  1. What your wanting is called ' escapePod' .. If you can't find it e-mail me I'll send it to ya!

  2. there are a bunch of apps.

    here is one:

    Jim's will work too.

  3. search version tracker for 'ipod' and there are shit loads of apps that extract songs

  4. and have links to some programs. I can't remember their names.

  5. Thanks for all your help guys!!! I gotta run, but I'm gonna try all that tonight!

  6. I chose podWorks. My iPod is connected, but podWorks is not recognizing it. What's the matter?

  7. Ok I got it working. I had to reconnect it. Apparently, once you press 'no' to sync on the popup that comes up, the iPod dismounts, well just gets off the desktop. Fuckers. But I got the mp3's off it. Thanks to all!!!! :-)

  8. I have iTunes and I would like to erase all of my songs from my iPod, like it's brand new, so I can reload my new purchased songs. How do I erase everything from my iPod? Thanks.


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