Monday, August 25, 2003

Seperation of... Whatever?

I don't know what the hell is wrong with this country sometimes. How can I turn on the tv and see this crap in this day and age? What the fuck is wrong with Alabama? Why can't they understand that America respects all religions and nationalizes NONE. There is no national religion. This country was founded mainly to ESCAPE national religion.

The mindset of these people is more dangerous to America than terrorists ever could be. Terrorists wanted this to happen. Do you think that they just wanted to kill 3000 people in New York City? That's just a fucking number to them. Terrorists attacked us because they don't like our way of life (I know, no surprise there) but we aren't supposed to just sacrifice our freedoms. As the old cliche goes, "or the terrorists will win".

Again, the "Seperation of Church and State" clause in the constitution of the United States of America is practically the soul reason people up and left that other place on the other side of the big ocean.

But you know what? Alabama isn't wrong. The 13 federal judges are actually wrong. Not morally, they are correct in those terms, and not even by the consitution, they are wrong in that every oath of office get's innaguerated by swearing to serve with honor to the Holy fucking Bible. When did that become okay? Who died and made Christianity the national relgion?

Of course, I guess those federal judges aren't wrong; their job is to uphold the constitution, not to prevent themselves from looking hypocritical. And the Chief Justice in Alabama is acting like a fucking child who can't take no for answer. He has made a mockery of the constituition. He has not honored the decision by the higher court. This fact alone should make him go to federal pound-me-in-the-ass-prison. A few months ago, my friend lost a peace order case and if she violates that District court's Judge's decision, she can be sent to prison for contempt of court. How is this different from what the Chief Justice is doing?

Answer: It's not.

The real question? Why hasn't the federal court arrested this fool for contempt of court yet?

Seems like a clear cut case to me.

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