Friday, September 19, 2003

I'm Okay!

Isabel came, kicked some ass, then left like the unwelcomed guest that she was. Up in here merl'nd (that's maryland) we mostly got heavy winds and rain, no thunderstorms at all, kinda odd there. The wind was crazy. I went out looking at all the damage last night around midnight and it was still blowing me around. Not much big damage, just lots of tree limbs down. Some of which are pretty big, but none of the trees fell on anything valuable, except my friend in gaithersburg, well her car. We thought we saw her house on tv, but who knows, they all look alike up here!

Today was spent just picking up all the sticks and crap that fell down, again nothing to major, but still a pain in the ass to collect up. My aunt and 4 cousins live in Virginia Beach and we haven't been able to reach them yet...they evacuated but I think one of my cousins' houses got completely flooded. I hope they are allright. They probably are. I also hope sam is allright. He probably is.

I'm counting myself lucky that we didn't get the brunt of the hurricane, if Isabel went up the Chesapeak bay, it would have been so much worse, man. I feel bad for Governor Ehrlich, it hasnt even been a year since he took office and he's already had a major freakin snowstorm (27 inches) and a fuckin hurricane to mess up his state.

I'm gonna hang a bit then see Cabin Fever, which oddly enough I haven't seen yet.

The entire shopping area where the united artist theater is has had no power all day. Not just UA. The ENTIRE shopping area. I know it's tough on the city, but damn, this is like the 5th time this year that whole complex has lost power. And supposedly all the power lines are underground in columbia. That's when you know you suck.


  1. we got trees down here in nc. i have pictures on my blog :-P

  2. I could snap some pics, but I just dont feel like it. Deal. :-)