Okay, here's the premise. You've got a female psychiatrist working in a woman's mental institution, who loses her memory and awakens as a patient. She has no idea why. She learns that she killed her husband, but she has no clue as to why she would do such a thing. She later learns that she is not alone.

Halle Berry stars as the said psychiatrist Miranda Grey, with Penelope Cruz playing her primary patient and later roommate, Chloe Salva. Then there's Robert Downey Jr who I hear took time off a rebab project to work on this very special film (sarcasm) in which he plays another pyschiatrist-- just a hunch, but I think we've got that type of character covered. Nope, I spoke too soon. There's Dr. Douglas Grey, who is a psychiatrist and also the previously said husband who gets axed. Okay, that's the last of the psychiatrist characters. The only other character worth a shoutout would be John Carroll Lynch's (who is known best as Drew Carey's gay-mimi-lovin bro on the Drew Carey show) Sheriff Ryan.

Have I said how Miranda is not alone? Well she isn't alone! She's not alone, man! She's being possesed by the ghost of a 12 year old girl, named Rachel! Holy hell, son of a monkey nut! That's scary! More sarcasm.

Actually, there are quite a few scary shots in this, which redeem the movie and make it worth spending $8.50 (or whatever you pay) on, but in terms of any other redeeming qualities...there aren't many. Penelope Cruz is WASTED, and I do not mean high like Robert Downey Jr! Her character is underused and pointless. We're led to believe that she's important to the story and she isn't.

The plot is decent, but only because of the semi-good twist towards the end, which I won't go into, because that totally make the movie useless to everybody. Yes, you should see this film. Wait until it's about to leave the theaters, which may be in 2 weeks, just so the room won't be so crowded. Go alone. Watch it alone. That coupled with a dark room will probably scare you. If it doesn't, then don't say I didn't warn ya.


  1. Hey, I just got back from seeing Gothica and the character of Chloe confused the hell out of me. Maybe I just need someone else who has seen it to explain it to me, but, at the end she is walking with Dr. Grey and they're both out of the institution. Why did Chloe leave the institution? I don't really understand that whole bit about the devil and the fire burning her insides or whatever. So, she killed her step dad for raping her? And she got raped but the Sherif guy while in the institution? I guess I just don't get how she got out, or what she was talking about. I know this sounds really stupid, but it's hard for me to explain, hopefully you'll get it. Thanks!

  2. Chloe and Miranda were being possessed/harassed by the same spirit, it was just taking on different forms for each one...

    I don't know why or how Chloe left, unless the sheriff guy also set her up...

  3. THe sheriff was raping Chloe too and had her kept there for his use. Gave her the same drugs he gave the ones he had at the farm. She tried to tel Dr. Grey but she didn't believe her so the spirit put her in the Institution so she could experience what was going on. The connection to the institution was that her father worked there and also the guy who killed her. Dr. Grey's husband. Jan

  4. I saw gothica for the first time tonight, and i have to admitt this was one of the best movies i have ever seen. There was a lot of problem solving that you had to do during the movie and i like that. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I recomend it to everyone! :-)

  5. Death becomes everyone! (Ashley)January 19, 2004 at 5:34 AM

    I seen gothica and I thought it was a good movie it had a different plot line than the rest of "horror movies" and besides for the lack of gore and sex seans(thank god)It wasn't a bad movie and I would buy it when it comes on DVD and watch it again.

  6. Death becomes everyone! (Ashley)January 19, 2004 at 5:35 AM

    I seen gothica and I thought it was a good movie it had a different plot line than the rest of "horror movies" and besides for the lack of gore and sex seans(thank god)It was an awsome movie and I would buy it when it comes on DVD and watch it again and again until i'm insane and be placed in an asylume! :)

  7. Seen today. Good movie. No gore, no sex, that's good. Alot of fear. Interesting and well-made.
    I definitely recommend the vision of this movie.

    I didn't understand only the behaviour of the ghost: why she was so violent with Miranda?

  8. I saw Gothica the other day and really enjoyed it. Maybe it's just me but I understood it fine but anyway, the reason the ghost was so violent with Miranda was because...
    1. its a horror film, what do you expect? lol
    2. She was trying to get through to Miranda and that was the only way she could.
    4. so the guards would think she was trying to kill herself . . . Which led to Miranda's escape.
    So, I think everyone who likes a good horror should go see Gothica!!!

  9. this movie was quite boring... I'm from the netherlands.... It was not so exciting then I expected... sorry..

  10. I think this movie was excellent and Hally Berrys best by far! It was in no way boring and was way more than I expected. I recommend this movie to all. Enjoy

  11. P.S. There should be no tribute to John Kerry he is a dip shit and will never get my vote! Go BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH BUSH!!!!!!


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