What is an African-American?

Read this Carlin excerpt about politically correct language, and then tell me why we use the term 'African-American'. Is it because they have dual citizenship in the USA and Africa? Silly me, I was unaware one could hold citizenship to a continent. Where in Africa do they have citizenship, and furthermore where in America? North, South, or Central? Inquiring minds want to know.

So, what are we supposed to call them? People of color? Coloured people? Negros? Black? What about just a person? I will use it in a sentence, Hey, look at that person over there. It all seems rather silly. I would love to hear a linguist's explantion about this.

Not trying to come off racist, I'm not one, but I have always just used 'Black' or 'White', or sometimes even more descriptive terms as 'Brown' or 'Tan'. It's at least accurate.

African American implies that the person you call that is African and American as if all black people are African and currently reside in America. Way to stereotype, jackass.

Me? I'm a white guy, but I think George Carlin has a point, so from now on, I will refer to myself as a pinkie. Because, unless you're Lucy (Peanuts), you are not white.


  1. I am black and I would rather be called black than African American.


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