The Butterfly Effect

I wasn't expecting this to be any good, afterall it's not a comedy and it stars Ashton Kutcher! But alas! Could it be that Ashton can really act? Is this really so? Maybe!

Ashton Kutcher plays this guy who experienced blackouts as a kid, and when he decides to read thru his own journal books, which he has kept since he was 7, he discovers he can go back in time and change his past.

BUT! Everytime he does, he wakes up and his world is almost completely different! Sometimes it starts out good, but it usually ends badly, so he justs keeps trying.

The only flaw this film has, is that if he keeps changing his past, how come his journals always remain the same? But, this movie is about time travel, so you do pretty much have to suspend disbelief.

I'd recommend this to everybody, it's very entertaining, but it does have a little nudity (yay!) and some of the themes include pedophila, child porn, and animal cruelty...and dead babies. So, maybe this isn't the movie for grandma.


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