Ways to Kill a Sim

1. Starvation. Get them in a room and then delete the way out, or even trap them on a 1x1 square of the game.
2. Drowning. Get them in a pool and then delete the ladders. Works best with children.
3. Electric Shock. Tell a sim to change the lightbulb or something, and hopefully they will get shocked.
4. Fire. Put a rug in the kitchen and tell them to cook something, they will set the rug on fire.
5. Depression. Make them stay home from work (or school, kids count too!) and they get depressed, don't do anything, and eventually die.

Did I miss anything? I haven't played it recently or anything, just thinking of ways to kill a sim.


  1. Looks like you got them all. There is an article about it here too.

  2. You forgot the indoor fireworks!! :)

  3. You missed the viral infection which can be caught from the hamster, combined with poor health and hygiene. Takes a few days depending on overall mood and health. Warning: the infection is contagious to others Sims.

  4. well depending on weather or not its the sims or the sims 2... in the sims 2 u can kill them by getting hit by a satellite, if u make them stargave or watch the clouds for long enough A satellite will fall on top of them and they die


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