Sunday, February 29, 2004

Oscar Predictions

It's Oscar night! The only night of award shows that I actually care for! Want the winners?

Here they are:

BEST PICTURE-- LOTR: Return of the King; the first two didn't win, because the three films are really one movie, this last one will win a lot.

LEADING ACTOR-- Jude Law. He just ownz.

LEADING ACTRESS-- ??? Didn't see any of the films any of the nominees starred in. Odd. I shall omit this category. Okay fine, eenie meenie miney mo, catch a tiger by his toe, if he hollars let him go, eenie meenie miney mo; Charlez Theron.

SUPPORTING ACTOR-- Ken Watanabe. He was awesome in THE LAST SAMARAI.

SUPPORTING ADDRESS--- Renee Zelwegger for Cold Mountain, she performed grand theft movie, well of the scenes Jude Law wasn't in.

BEST DIRECTOR-- LOTR: Return of the King. No explanation necessary.

BEST EDITING-- LOTR: Return of the King.

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY: Cold Mountain, it was beautiful.


BEST MUSIC (SCORE)-- LOTR: Return of the King.

There you go, the winners.

This is my commentary on what I think are the best films of 2003.

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