The Passion of the Christ

I just saw The Passion of the Christ, and before I say anything, let me tell you that I am not religious, I pretty much have zero bias towards any of the events the movie depicts. So, how was it? As far as a story goes, it's not your typical movie. They capture Jesus, chastise him, then crucify him. The end. There's no love interest, there's no real plot, just a capture, death march, and death. Now, I still enjoyed it. It is a very moving film, and I think it captures Jesus' message quite clearly: that you should always love and embrace everybody no matter how bad they are.

Jim Caviezel (The Count of Monte Cristo, Frequency) plays Jesus rather convincingly, Monica Bellucci plays Magdellan, but it's a small role in the film, as most of the screen time is given to Caviezel. The rest of the cast is pretty much unkown actors, but nobody sucks.

Did I like it? Yeah, I guess I did, it moved me, it just wasn't a very good film, plot wise, but I guess you could say it wasn't your average plot, hehe.

I do think that the violence in this movie is important. If Christians are to worship Jesus as their Messiah, then they deserve not to have His story sugar-coated. He didn't die for you not to remember Him. Now, should you only focus on His death? Of course not, focus on His teachings, but do not forget His death.


  1. a Christian I am blown away by your sincerity regarding this film. There was in fact not much of a plot in this film but, I think you can see the reason why. The focus was on what Jesus may have actually had to endure in his final hours and who he was enduring it for!

    "Behold...I make all things new"! For me and you. It is sad and wonderful!

    Sad to know what he went through....wonderful to know that God loves us that much! We are so very undeserving of it! This is the essence of Grace, Love, and Mercy! God gives grace...even when we give grief. God gives love...even when men are full of hate. God is merciful...even when we are not willing to show any mercy.

    May God shine through the hearts and souls of man!

  2. Nor forget his resurrection......

  3. i heard the movie has a suprise twist ending!!

    ...of course im joking ;x...

  4. for commentator "eshaver" go back a bit further in your ancestry sir and you will run into more than a few catholics, why do you stop at the calvinists???


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