City Tried to Ban Water

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. (AP) - City officials were so concerned about the potentially dangerous properties of dihydrogen monoxide that they considered banning foam cups after they learned the chemical was used in their production.

Then they learned that dihydrogen monoxide - H2O for short - is the scientific term for water. do you want to know more?

Dihydrogen monoxide is a very deadly chemical!!!


  1. On another note, there is a such thing as water poisoning that is very deadly. It happens when you drink too much water, which dilutes your electrolytes, causing your heart to stop. It has happened at fraternity hazings because the dumbasses don't realize that water could be lethal.

  2. Haha, I'm in chemistry, and before I got to the bottom, I decided to use my l33t chem skills to convert the name to a formula, but I got H2O. I was saddened, cause I thought I was a failure, cause water is cool, but then I was happy again.


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