I saw Hellboy last night. I finally broke down and saw it. As I am sure you all are well aware, I am not a big comic book guy, not even a little itty bitty one either. I don't care for them at all. But I do sometimes see the movie versions. I saw The Hulk, and of course the "man" ones, bat, super, and spider. But not the "men" ones. Yeah, I can handle a man, but not men. Okay, take that out of context, I dare you.

So, Hellboy stars Ron Perlman (who I never heard of before, but glad I do now) as the man-demon and David Hyde Peirce plays the voice but not the body of his fishman friend, Abe Sapien. Other than that, you probably won't recognize anybody in this. Which is good, because then the focus is on what's most important: the story.

The story is this: Nazis are bad people. They opened a portal to hell to increase their power in hopes of destroying the world and rebuilding it in a Nazi image. BUT THEN A PROFESSOR AND THE US ARMY SHOW UP AND BREAK THE PORTAL, THUS NIXING THOSE SAID PLANS!!! Then, we meet a devil boy and then we flashforward in time about 60 years and the devilboy is a devilman who fights crime! Ok, that's enough of the story. There's actually more to it than that, and it's right up there with the first Michael Keaton Batman movie.

But this movie stole some scenes. For example, when Cronin was in the museum killing the guards, that was reminsicent of KILL BILL. When Liz was in the mental hospital after torching her home again, she was sitting in a chair ala THE RING. And Liz was known in the movie as a "firestarter", guess what movie that is from. Also, the whole Nazi thing in the beginning was eerily similar to INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, even with a character Ilsa (prounced like Elsa) who had the hots for a Nazi. I have also been told that the movie has some BLADE II in it. All this can either be good or bad, depending how you look at it. Me? Good. It may be seen as unoriginal, sure, but when the story is great, you can have some similar shots for, you know, eye candy.

So whether you are a comic book fan or not, and again I am the latter, you should see this film. You will be entertained. Ron Perlman kicks ass.


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