Teenage Smoking

Apparently lesbians are more likely to smoke, so let this be a lesson to you 12 to 17 year old girls: LIKE THE COCK!

Teenage lesbian or bisexual girls are many times more likely to smoke regularly than straight girls their age. They are the worst hit by tobacco among all groups of young people, according to a new US study.

Almost 40 per cent of teenage lesbian or bisexual girls aged between 12 and 17 said they smoked weekly compared with just six per cent of heterosexual girls in an ongoing study of 16,000 adolescents. Do you want to know more?


  1. I guess all girls have to smoke something, even if it's not cock.

  2. Bozzy, I just tried to post a respoinse to this, but it said I was poting filth and that I had to send you $250!

    It was just a sensible post!!!

  3. Haha it hit the spam filter.


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