Sunday, August 1, 2004

I, Robot

I saw "I, Robot" like a week ago, and I am just now posting about it. Guess that says how it is right there. No, it doesn't suck, but I'm dissappointed. It started out with a pretty realistic depiction of a possible 2035, the NS4 robots weren't ultra-advanced, but then when they introduced NS5 model, with those having the capabilities to experience emotion, the movie just went downhill. And further more, why in the hell does Will Smith almost always play a cop?

The following movies Will Smith plays a cop in:
Bad Boys
Men in Black
Men in Black II
Bad Boys II
I, Robot

And he plays a Soldier in Independence Day and Wild Wild West. Let's see another Ali, Will.

So should you see I, Robot? Sure, there's some cool cars and the parking garages for those cars are pretty sweet. Yes, I just told you to see a movie about robots because it has cars in it.

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