2004 Redskins = 2000 Ravens

That's right, if you have been following the Redskins this year, you should know that they have the NUMBER 1 defense in the NFL, not just the NFC, the NFL. Add running back Clinton Portis to that, and you have the 2000 Ravens: a bone crushing defense and an excellent running back.
" The Redskins have an identity now, and while it's not in the tradition of Sammy Baugh and Sonny Jurgensen, Joe Theismann and Doug Williams, there's nothing wrong with defense and running. The Redskins, while they're still just 3-5 after beating the Detroit Lions, 17-10, at Ford Field, have three-quarters of a team. They can do everything except throw the ball down the field, but that does not preclude winning."
'Now? The Redskins seem to have accepted, from Gibbs on down, that there's no haymaker in them. They're not going to be able to knock out anybody early. Every game is going 15 rounds. 'Baltimore did it in 2000,' cornerback Shawn Springs said. 'It's not like it hasn't been done before. I'm fine with it.'" More...

So in other words, the Redskins finally have an identity. They also have QB with a dead arm, but that's another post entirely.


  1. Saying that is a strech. The Ravens of 2000 allowed 165 points the ENTIRE YEAR. The Redskins of this year have already allowed 133.

  2. The Ravens averaged 21 points a game in 2000. With the defense allowing 10 points a game, the Ravens won many games. This years Redskins score about 14 points a game while allowing 17 points a game. The numbers are not close enough to say the 2004 Redskins = the 2000 Ravens.

  3. Heck the Ravens of 2004 are better than the Redskins of 2004. The Ravens have scored 154 points to the skins 115 and the Ravens defense has allowed 113 points to the skins 133. Yes the skins do have the best defense in the NFL but that is only 20 yards difference with the Ravens defense of 2004 (261ypr compared to 281ypr). Now the Ravens of 2000 allowed only 187ypg. No NFL team in 2004 has a defense as good as the Ravens of 2000. Not the Patriots, not the Steelers and for sure not the skins.

  4. Statistically, of course not, you are correct, but you cannot deny the similarities, and I am glad my team has an identity.


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