Election 2004 Results LiveBloggin

2:39: Oh hell, I have no idea when I'll stop paying attention. I know I want to go bed, as does Larry King, but we can't. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO CLOSE?!?!?!?!?!?

2:22: the real last words:

Kerry is not taller than Bush
Redskins were wrong

2:06: Final words: Bush will probably win, but Ohio is too close too call, it will come down to provisional and absentee ballots. Iowa is too close as well. But as of right now, Kerry lost. Goodnite.

ABC B-249 K-221
CBS B-249 K-221
PBS B-249 K-221
NBC B-269 K-207
CNN B-249 K-211
FOX "NEWS" B-269 K-221
NYTIMES B-234 K-141

1:46: FYI, Texas killed a man tonight.

1:20: When is the start date for the uprising?

1:18 New Hampshire goes to Kerry; Bush 269-211

1:12: With all the election problems, how will this be challenged, or will it be challenged? Civil War? eek

1:07: If you are 18-24 and you did not vote, go fuck yourself.

1:00: Alaska wants Bush, and so does Ohio 269-207

12:42 Kerry picked up one electoral vote, somehow. 246-207 Bush

12:24: MSNBC finally went with CBS and ABC and called Florida for Bush. 246-206 Bush

12:21: Bush wins Colorado. If he wins Ohio, it's all over for Kerry. 210-206 Bush

12:18: Karen Hughes gets on TV with a microphone acts like a fucking cunt, but oh well.

12:10: Bush wins Montana. Kerry leading by 9 in Minnesota, 5 in Michigan.

12:04: There you go, Oregon is taken by Kerry.

12:00: Kerry is leading Bush in Oregon by 16% of the votes with 51% of the precincts reporting, why hasn't this been called?

11:11: I'm not wearing any pants.

11:00: Kerry just picked up Washington and California, and some other states. It's now an 8 point game. 207-199 Bush

*runs around shirtless*
You cannot beat a soccer celebration.

10:50 Bush wins Arizona and Kerry wins Pennyslvania. The score is 203-133, Bush

10:30: Bush is up 193-112, but Kerry is expected to take Washington, Oregon, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennyslvania, so um, do the math on that one, Bush was a little cocky and scared when he went on TV and said "Yeehaw, I'm gonna win." I am not worried one bit.

10:15: Oh yeah, on the daily show, this woman (forget her name) asked this vote how he voted, and he said "that's personal", she followed up with, "ok then when did you lose your virginity?" LMAO, I love the daily show.

9:45: ABC reports Bush to address the nation soon. He can't conceed or declare a W yet...WTF

9:26: Bush wins Louisiana, Mississippi.

If Bush wins, I am not cutting my hair until 2008.

9:00: Bush takes Texas, North Dakota, Kansas, South Dakota, and Wyoming
Kerry takes NY and Rhode Island
156-112, Bush

8:50: 10 minutes til 9, that's when all the cable news go porn.

8:42: Bush wins VA 102-77

8:29. Bush takes South Carolina...to the prom. And leaves her there. But collects the electoral votes. 89-77

8:07: Bush won NC. 81-77 Bush

8:06: I lost my Keyes. Barack Obama destroys Alan. *note: Don't take the first sentence to mean I wanted Keyes to win.

8:00: Kerry wins: illinois, New jersey (but he'll throw it back ;-), Maryland, Maine, Delaware, DC, Massasschussetts, Conneticut
Bush wins: Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee

7:42: Bush won West Virginia, ahead 39-3. This is a false sense of security for Bush, Kerry will pull away around 8:30-9.

And I was a little late in updating because I had to go play taxi and drive a friend to her class....I drove it like I stole it.

7:01: Bush wins: Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky (no surprise here, so shut it, repubs)
Kerry wins: Vermont

Electoral tally: 34-3, Bush

6:37: Zogby has called the election! 311-213! Landslide for Kerry!

6:30: Oops, nevermind. The times on MSNBC are not all Eastern, Kentucky and Indiana close at 6 central, 7 eastern. Thanks for being confusing, MSNBC. C'mon, all the other times are eastern!!! Don't fuck with my mind. Okay, I can't stay mad at you.

30 minutes.

6:17: Somebody tell MSNBC that they're exit poll link is broken...it's past Six, we should have a couple...unless I'm wrong.

6:00: It's 6 O'Clock. Only 2 hours before most polls close.

Polls close in Indiana and Kentucky in 20 minutes. I'm not going to post any of the exit poll numbers floating around the net. There's a reason why they're not officially released until the polls close.

But I will say that Kerry is leading in many battle ground states.


  1. damn, i think bush is gonna win. i hope i am wrong

  2. better tell your barber your not gonna see him for a while.. ;)

  3. I know 3 of my friends that didn't vote, said they didn't want to wake up earlier to go stand in line for an hour, before going to work...
    and that they get off of work after the polls closed.

    I suspect this was the main reason for the 18-24 year olds not showing.... this age group does not like lines, and this age group WILL NOT wake up earlier than usual for anything, even if their life depends on it.

    Prepare for nuclear holocaust...
    I for one welcome our new pro-bush, mouthbreathing, inbred, hillbilly, mountain people overlords.

    Imagine Bush operating without having to worry about getting reelected. Scary thought uh?

    Start enjoying life and living everyday like it's your last...


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