If I were Prez, I would...

Fix the healthcare system by forcing other countries to pay for the research of prescription drugs, making said drugs cheaper, and thus, bringing down the healthcare premiums.

Adopt the illegal drug policy of Amsterdam, because the Dutch are so dutchy cool...which brings up the next one:

Stop fighting unwinnable wars. End the war on drugs, poverty, and terrorism. And milk.

I also so think we should get back in the business of adding states. Not puerto rico or guam, unless they have a sudden and dramatic population asplosion.

Allow public nudity, because it makes the day interesting.

But if you get caught sneezing, you absolutely, under no circumstances get to have food for the rest of day, unless you say the secret word. The secret word will be determined by Congress every week, so this forces people to pay attention to the government.

And finally, and this is the most imporant one, (kinda fitting how I saved it for last, eh) Purple sweat pants will be made illegal. If you are caught wearing purple sweatpants in public, or in the privacy of your home, then you will be punished. I have yet to think of a punishment, but purple sweatpants are just...yuck.


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