Friday, January 21, 2005

Reflections on 2004

It's not too late for a little reflection, it's only 21 days into 2005. Here's the summary of the past 12 months...

January: Britney Spears gets married, then annulled. I bought 4lbs of banana runts. Ecstatic for the rest of the year when I find out Joe Gibbs came back to coaching the Redskins. Dean screams...TO BE ABLE TO BE HEARD OVER THE LOUD ASS CROWD.
Febuary: Janet's titty says hello.I tried to find a new job. Failed. Mel Gibson creates a stir.
March: Kerry takes the democratic nomination. Civilization as we know it ends, I get jury duty.
April: I got free pretzels. Kill Bill vol2 hits theaters. I see it three times.
May: I don't post much because of Jenna May. I know, that means nothing to you. Next month.
June: I find out Jenna is on heroin. Ronald Reagan dies, OJ goes on TV to say "it wasn't me". Julia and I meet 'freedomtickler' from the forums at Fletcher's.
July: Marlon Brando dies. I get drunk off my ass. Those two are not related. I get a flat tire. I want to go to Otakon, but don't.
August: NEW CAR! Vacation. Update Movable Type. It was a slow month.
September: Mac Culkin gets arrested for doin Mary Jane. Conan set to replace leno in 2009. I see movies.
October: What about Poland? I shocked the world; bought a PC. Jon Stewart pwns Tucker Carlson. Redsox win the series. Jenna got out of jail.
November: Fuck Bush. Dental implants procedure (started in 2003) completed.
December: Possible cure for HIV is found. I almost crash on route 40 in the snow, because of stupid driver.

There, if you want more detail read the monthly archives.

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