Your website, the blog, and everything else in your life sucks. Not only is the supposed humor on your website unfunny, but literally every single character that you place on your website is a waste of space. Honestly; who gives two shits if your car was scraped by 12 year old boys? As if your life were significant. Dream on. And not to mention your picture on the website. Could you have possibly picked a more stupid face to give yourself in addition to your already aspiring quality of hideousness? No. You couldn't have.

So if your website spontaneously shut down, no one would care. You are that insignificant. I hate you, and your midget humor too. Find a better hobby because no one cares about your worthless life.

This guy, we'll call him Dr. Worm, because THAT'S HIS NAME, thinks I'm worthless, and not just worthless... INSIGNIFICANT! W00t! Go me!

But hold on a sec, maybe this isn't true. Dr. Worm actually takes the time, and he sounds like a busy and happenin guy I might add, to reply to the most unfunny, worthless website, created by someone equally worthless and insignificant. I must be a little significant, afterall. NOOOOOOO!

Dr. Worm, if you really are a doctor (I have my doubts about your medical practice), you say I am insignificant, but I'm obviously significant enough to garner the attention of an astute medical pratictioner like yourself. So what does that say about you, Doctor Mar-- Worm (sorry)? You must be pretty insignificant yourself to spend your time posting on websites you yourself think are insignificant!

Go suck some cock, you conflicted faggot.


  1. I actually meant "insignificant and worthless" in the vein of me posting hateful things will most likely be the only amount of attention your website will ever get. Considering the fact that I came upon this website through a google search (searching for the words "phpBB board") of the blog entry where you had recently removed your phpBB board due to lack of interest, I think I had a pretty decent point going. Deducting through logical means, I decided that you had probably fully realized that your website did not receive much traffic, and therefore you would have given up by now.

    But it appears that you strive and persist with the spirit of pretending that people actually read your page. Hell, even the way you called me a "faggot" dictates that you wish that you would have a fan base. Unfortunately for you, that will never happen.

    Oh, and another thing. The saying "Smart people vote Democrat" is by far the shittiest slogan to vote by. If someone blindly goes along with voting Democrat just by reading that slogan, they're not a very smart person, are they? Don't get me wrong; I don't care if someone votes Democrat. But if they claim to be smart while going along with that slogan, they're as dumb as a redneck picnic.

  2. You read my "page", that's enough for me.

  3. lol, sounds like DRWORM is the one with the problem. I can't ever understand why people bother to complain about a website they don't like. It's like TV. If you don't like it change the channel. Or in this case, read another site. After all Bozzy does have the G.F.Y. tag on his site. Oh well, I guess some people are just too lonely and hate mail is their only form of outside communication.

  4. One more thing good Doctor,
    You say you found my website through a google search, but in your original comment, you say you "hate" me and other really harsh things. How did seeing my page for the first time garnish so much hate?

    You're either lying about how you found my site or you have a very short temper.


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