Friday, February 25, 2005

The Right Way to Archive in Movable Type

Having been on Movable Type for about 3 years now, I know how to do things. If you're just starting out, listen up.

The default way of archiving is pretty dumbassian (Yes, that's my new word. Get used to it.), it's just a sequential ID based on the last entry ID across all blogs. Hardly search engine friendly. What you need is to dirify! The Movable Type Manual mentions this, but it doesn't do much in the way showing how you can apply it. So I will.

Here's what you do:
Individual: /index.html
Weekly: week_-.php
Category: /index.html

I know what you're thinking... He forgot to explain what this dirify thing does! That dumbass! Dirify converts all letters to lowercase and converts spaces to the underscore "_". I realize, I just smiled at you. Forgive me.

Then there's "trim_to" which is pretty self-explanatory unless you're in the special needs class. Hey, it's okay, that's why I'm here. It's pretty simple, the number value you give it, will trim the number of characters to that number of characters. Capeesh?

Well, that's about it, but as an added bonus, I'll tell you the right sites to ping, along with the default,, and

Of course, if you want to ping everything manually, yet all at once, there's always Ping-o-matic.

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  1. "The default way of archiving is pretty dumbassian (Yes, that's my new word. Get used to it.), it's just a random generation of numbers."

    We at Six Apart agree with you wholeheartedly which is why MT 3.x and above creates search-engine- and people-friendly URLs by default. We're looking forward to eradicating 000324.html completely from the web. :-)

    By the way, the old style isn't random but instead sequential based on last entry ID across all blogs.


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