Oh no, it's okay, it's just a 50 DEGREE DIFFERENCE!

It was so nice yesterday. Really nice. I washed my car. I walked around naked. I mean, I wore a t-shirt. Yeah, it wasn't quite warm enough to be a nudist, but it was still warm. It was even warm at night. I saw "The Jacket" last night. Got in for free; I have cool friends. When the movie ended, around midnight, it was still 66 degrees outside!

I wake up today and there's snow on the ground and it's in the 20s. Let's clarify that. 70s yesterday, 20s today. I believe Lewis Black said best, "and my balls can't take it. big small big small big..."

It's been about 5 or 6 years since I have had any sort of math class, but I think that's a temperature drop of about 50 degrees, what about you?

And I thought I was willing Spring into action yesterday. See, for the past few days I've been wearning t-shirts and not using the heat in my car, because God damnit, Spring is a state of mind, and if I dress and act like it's Spring, then by golly, it is damnit!

By the way, Bozzy is going to Sonar tonight, to see Chevelle. And my friend's husband is getting backstage passes. W00terz.


  1. hey. no snow here but the temperature severely dropped and the wind is brutal. it's let up a litle today. today is my son's b'day btw. when i went into the hospital to have him in March 92 it was spring like weather and when I left the next day it was cold and windy as hell. it seems to always do this, this time of year. hopefully after this little spell things will get warmer.


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