Things you never wanna hear when you're a passenger

What's wrong, you know I've never driven before!
I'm supposed to be hiting the cones, right?
What's the engine light and why is it on?
What's that screeching sound?
Why is there a tree in our path?
It's okay, I'm only my fourth mudslide.
The kid told us to go straight on til morning...
What the fuck does yield mean?
Ouch, don't bite.
Hon, pass me another shot of Jager, I see a deer!

On a plane

This is your captain speaking, I see a deer!

On a boat/ship/sailboat

D'oh! A deer! A female deer! (Yes, it's okay to steal from The Simpsons, they've already done everything.)

On a train

Is that a body lying there? I guess we'll have to wait and see... Nope it's a deer!

On the moon lander

Shit, I forgot to close my garage. Oh snap, there's a deer.

On a intergalactic spaceship

Are we at light speed yet, I see a deer!


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