$2 Tales of Funny

I've got a followup to the $2 bill revolution post!

The first one, a man tried to pay for a $114 cd player at Best Buy in Baltimore County, MD with 57 $2 bills. Yes, Fifty-Seven. The dumbass blue shirted wonder thought it was counterfeit and alerted security. Hilarity did not ensue. He was in handcuffed and ankle shackled.

The other incident took place at a Taco Bell. It doesn't say where this Taco Bell is, but for all we know, it could have been in Mexico. Gotta be someplace that doesn't recognize legal American tender.

You'd think this were deter me from paying with $2 bills, but it doesn't, it encourages me. Fucking dumbshits.


  1. I have a 2 dollar bill I had no idea there was anything special about them. Shows how much I know. We have similar problems here with Northern Irish and Scots banknotes, some peopel don't know the meaning of the word "united" in United Kingdom event though they all say sterling on them.


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