Hey switch, turn it over and hit it

Well, I finally did it. I moved away from Movable Type. It hurts. Not only was it the only CMS I was used to, but it was the CMS that started it all for me, and I feel all dirty, like I just betrayed a loved one. However, WordPress is so much sleeker. It's all PHP, none of that Perl bullshit, and it even has it's own blogrolling system, so I had to switch.

Yeah, I lost the originality of my old design, but I think it was time for that to change as well. I haven't changed that layout (with the exception of the logo) in 2 years. Something needed to change. I'll eventually make a new logo to replace the text logo I have right now, and the colors may change, but for now, they won't.

Peace and keep reading if you were reading in the first place and maybe start reading if you weren't reading in the first place


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