Ann Coulter = Soon to be Barren

Read this monstrosity and then track her down and punch her several times in the ovaries. All the advances woman have made in the last 100 years to be equal with men is in jeopardy because of this idiot.

Afterthought: Why does USAToday feel the need to let people enlarge their photo of this cretin?

Ann Coulter Is A Skinny Blonde idiot


  1. Rock on! Thanks for the link to my blog.


  3. The author of this book, Springmeyer, attempts to defame Coulter as a "name-caller" who lacks any true intellectual capability, yet he childishly calls HER a name IN HIS OWN TITLE. It's OK for liberals to engage in name-calling, but not conservatives? How ridiculous and hypocritical. This book is purely reactionary fluff written for a target audience unfamiliar with the substance behind Coulter's work -- people who decided they hate Coulter because the liberal overlords told them to hate her. And why hate her? -- Because she makes a convincing argument in her works that liberals cannot answer eloquently, and so they are reduced to taking her statements out of context and warping her arguments to make her seem like a horrible person. In so doing, this author, and others like him, identify themselves as vapid, intellectual lightweights who are more interested in forwarding the ideology of the Democratic Party than engaging in a serious or truthful critique of political ideas. This book is intended for the politically ignorant who are passionate about hating Coulter without understanding who she is or what she really has to say. Do yourself a favor -- read one of Coulter's works and try to find problems with it by using your own mind, if you object to her ideology, rather than letting some propagandist dictate to you why you should hate her.


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