Something's Wrong With Lily...

It all started not so innocently the other day. She was walking along and suddenly something came running towards her. She hopped around and freaked out and told Liz to hit it with her car so that nobody could determine what it was... but Liz was speeding at the time and road raging one of the Ravens and only hit it with one tire so we were able to get a description.

What did it look like? Well she described it as having little devilish beady eyes and four tiny paws with claws as sharp as and looked similar to, razor blades. The Gillette Razor kind. You know, the best a man can get? Or was it the Mach3. Wait, that's the same one. Okay, where was I? Ah yes, tiny paws and four beady eyes as sharp as a Mach3, the best a man can get. You know what I mean.

After she described the eyes and the Mach3 paws, we all were stumped, but then she yelled at us and told us that she wasn't finished talking and that we shouldn't interrupt her all the time. So we let her finish. And she said she also saw a big furry bushy... something... but we interrupted her again to tell her something funny that happened at work, and then asked her what we were doing that night. She got mad and slammed the door in my finger. Usually my face, but this time, and unfortunately for me, my finger. Liz is okay, btw.

And that's where I'm at now. Well, now I'm at work, but yeah, finger, Owie. Door, bad.


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