LAX Security


"AIRPORT security staff confiscated a TWO-INCH plastic gun from a toy soldier, it was revealed yesterday.

It's TWO INCHES people! But there are real guns that small...wait what I am saying?! This still doesn't discredit the fact that the TWO INCH toy gun was being held by a peice of plastic! I guess LAX Security is trying really really hard to NOT live up to their name. :D

"She said: 'Even though he's seven years old George knew the toy was missing an important part.' "

Was this before or after they disarmed the GI Joe?

"Security chiefs at Los Angeles airport said: 'We have instructions to confiscate anything that looks like a weapon or a replica.' "

"I explained what had happened, but he just kept shaking his head saying it was silly and Don't those people understand the gun was a toy? and couldn't shoot

Well kid, now you know...and knowing is half the battle!


  1. All my wires that I'm taking are getting me worried going through security. They'll want to know what everthing is. I swear, if the security dude is a geek like me and see my wirless router and thinks it's a "weapon" and takes it just so he can have it. I will jump over the scanner thingy and punch him till' I can't punch anymore!

  2. There was a kid in my school district that got EXPELLED from school for a GI Joe gun a few years ago. Give me a break. Poor kid now had an expulsion on his record.


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